Choose a Green Shop for you auto Repair

Happy Danes has worked hard to modify our products and practices to ensure that we qualify as a Green Shop

Choose a Green Shop

Happy Danes Inc. is an environmentally friendly shop; we were certified as one of Bend’s very first eco Biz shop over 20 years ago. What this means is that we have an extensive list of shop practices that help protect the thing we all love in Central Oregon, and that is Central Oregon itself!

Some of what we do is recycle used antifreeze, buy recycled bulk antifreeze, have excess waste oil recycled, make our own windshield washer fluid, recycle or reuse plastic bottles, recycle cardboard, limit the use of one time aerosol cans by utilizing cans that we fill with compressed air, moved to mostly paperless shop to avoid waste paper, if paper is used we recycle it when done, and many more practices that we have refined for over 20 years in Central Oregon.