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For your convenience, we have migrated most of our invoicing, estimates, messaging, project management, inspections over to modern digital solutions. We believe in keeping up to date and making sure that our processes are convenient and meet our clients’ expectations.

We also use many modern equipment to scan your car or truck for issues. We are also connected to world-wide resources for troubleshooting your vehicle and finding parts.

Happy Danes now offers digital pictures of needed/damaged items on your car if needed.

Reliability and Performance Experts

We offer the following services to ensure the reliability and performance of your vehicle:

Preventive Services

Oil changes, brake inspections, tune-ups, filter changes, fluid level checks (brakes, power steering, transmission, windshield cleaners, etc.), coolant and antifreeze levels, battery fluids, tire pressures, and belt condition. We can provide the same mileage maintenance services as your dealer and many of their repairs without voiding your warranty.

Necessary Repairs

Brake pad replacement, fuel system adjustments, timing belt replacement, and heating and cooling systems repairs. Each of these maintenance tasks contributes to the overall health and longevity of your vehicle. Following the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule and addressing issues promptly can prevent more significant problems and potentially save you money in the long run.


Happy Danes is a certified Bumper to Bumper service center. We are backed by our “CONFIDENCE PLUS” North American Warranty. This 24-month or 24,000-mile limited parts and labor warranty follows you nationwide. If an issue arises, the warranty work can be done at any of 20,000 preferred service shops in North America.