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Not all maintenance and repairs are created equal…

For example, a “tune-up” may mean different things to different technicians. Prices will vary depending on whether the tune-up is a Basic, Major, or Performance type. Each requires additional parts and labor to complete. Ask us for a quote on what you need. Today’s engines have computers that control various operations of your vehicle and generally make them run more efficiently. That is if the computer is working. When it’s not, we have the tools and the training to diagnose and fix what is wrong.

Reliability and Performance Experts

We offer the following services to ensure the reliability and performance of your vehicle: Floor mats, seat covers, covers are installed before the repair even begins, to keep your car exactly as it was before we worked on it.

Preventive Services

Oil changes, brake inspections, tune-ups, filter changes, fluid level checks (brakes, power steering, transmission, windshield cleaners, etc.), coolant and antifreeze levels, battery fluids, tire pressures, and belt condition. We can provide the same mileage maintenance services as your dealer and many of their repairs without voiding your warranty.

Necessary Repairs

Brake pad replacement, fuel system adjustments, timing belt replacement, and heating and cooling systems repairs. Each of these maintenance tasks contributes to the overall health and longevity of your vehicle. Following the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule and addressing issues promptly can prevent more significant problems and potentially save you money in the long run.


Happy Danes Inc is a certified Tech Net Service Center. We are backed by a NATIONWIDE WARRANTY.
This warranty consists of a 24 month or 24,000 mile nationwide limited parts and labor warranty
that follows you as you drive from coast to coast. If an issue arises just call the 1-800 number and they
will direct you to the nearest Tech Net shop. It’s that easy creating a ” peace of mind” experience.

Our Trusted Auto Mechanics

Our Expert mechanics undergo constant training and certifications to keep updated with the latest auto repair technologies.

Brandon Larsen


Brandon excels at communication and listening to the customer and the car. He brings forth new technology, drive, and vision to the workplace. His motto: “It is only when we earn your trust that we are able to earn your business.”

Kaj Larsen


Kaj is the founder of Happy Danes with over 45 years experience. Motto: “Meeting your needs for today and tomorrow.”


Expert Mechanic

Kevin has extensive knowledge in the automotive industry, is detail-oriented, and timely when it comes to fixing your car! Motto: “It is my goal to repair your car right the FIRST time!”


Expert Mechanic

Marty has the dedication, passion, and knowledge to repair your car with confidence. Motto: “In all the work I am doing, I work the best I can, I work as if I am doing it for the Lord.”

Choose a Green Shop

Happy Danes Inc. is an environmentally friendly shop; we were certified as one of Bend’s very first eco Biz shop over 20 years ago. What this means is that we have an extensive list of shop practices that help protect the thing we all love in Central Oregon, and that is Central Oregon itself!

Some of what we do is recycle used antifreeze, buy recycled bulk antifreeze, have excess waste oil recycled, make our own windshield washer fluid, recycle or reuse plastic bottles, recycle cardboard, limit the use of one time aerosol cans by utilizing cans that we fill with compressed air, moved to mostly paperless shop to avoid waste paper, if paper is used we recycle it when done, and many more practices that we have refined for over 20 years in Central Oregon.