Why People Choose Us


I very much appreciate the entire Happy Dane's crew. The work you perform is always timely, honest, and extremely thorough. The staff at Happy Dane's is always striving to better serve their customers, which means you are an asset to our business community.

Dave Nissen, Wanderlust tours

Happy Dane's has been my car care company in Bend, OR for l5 years. Appointments are easy to schedule, my car is ready on time, I always understand what was wrong with my car and what they had to do to fix it and I have never been overcharged for anything. They took the time to know me and to know my car. What more could you ask for?

Lindsay Stevens, Cascade Management Consulting

We have been bringing our vehicles to happy Danes' since 1985. They have serviced vehicles for our landscaping business and now personal training. Regardless of the vehicle, they have had a specialist for that vehicle. Nothing can replace the local's touch that Happy Dane's provides their customers. When you walk in and the person behind the counter greets you by name and with a smile, you know you are in the right place.

Jason Hardy,

I had a very professional courteous experience. The group at Happy Danes fixed my older vehicle issues above and beyond previous experiences. There mechanics fixed addutional issues I was not aware of at minimal cost while staying within my quoted price for the original work. After the work was complete they took time to answer all the questions I had and followed up by calling me the following week! Very accommodating. Thank you Happy Danes crew!

David Tubbs,

I have taken two vehicles to Happy Dane's for work, both minor and major. In each case, the office staff was friendly and professional, the work was done to my satisfaction and they stood behind what they did. Mechanics are also willing to take time out of their busy day to talk about their work. Happy Dane's makes the extra effort to make doing business with them easy and convenient. I recommend them unconditionally.

Joe Coss,

Based on one visit for an oil change, Happy Danes appears to be an auto repair place I can trust. At least I was happy enough with their service to return if/when I need a more costly repair. I had a 2:30 appt -- I arrived and my car was promptly driven into the garage and voila, about 30 min later, I was ready to roll. And their price matched the very good price I was getting at my favorite shop in LaVerkin, UT. Friendly service too.

Sra Mac,

Happy Danes is a beacon of light in the mired sea of corporate automobile restoration. My vehicles tank had taken a beating from the salted roads of the East and had chugged its way across the vast lands of the United States on my way to Oregon. When the Engine light turned on and the Trac tuned off I knew I was in trouble. The morning after a light snow fall my Toyota Corolla almost acquainted its bumper with the guard rails on Greenwood. Unfortunately, I first took it to a large manufacture auto repair shop that will remain unnamed. The prices were steep and their suggestions for restoration were less than favorable for a man of my economic standing. Thankfully, honest and reputable places of locally owned business still exist in this country. One of those places being happy Danes Auto Repair; right here in Bend. I popped in, told them my situation and they said they would be happy to help. And they did help! The Evap line was repaired at such a reasonable and generous cost that I was shocked. Friendly, fast, and honest. If I ever need any work done on my car I will be driving it over to Happy Danes. Thanks again!